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Enrollment follows the guidelines listed below. Priority enrollment is afforded to the children that are current students in good standing.


After satisfying all requirements and meeting one of the principals or assistants for an interview, parents of prospective new students K5-12th can obtain the necessary enrollment/admissions information from the administration office.


Students must be formally interviewed by one of the principals, assistants and complete admission screening. Students will be evaluated based on review of academic and behavioral records as well


After successful completion of admission screening, the principal will give approval or denial for the enrollment process to continue.


Trinity Christian Academy requires that all parents read the student handbook for their child's grade level. From the back of that handbook, the CONDITIONS OF ENROLLMENT AND PLEDGE OF COOPERATION is to be signed, dated, and turned in with the registration materials. No registration will be complete nor a student accepted as enrolled until this signed and dated document is on file in the administration office.


The completed enrollment forms must be returned to the administration office along with copies of your child's immunization records (including dates) and/or health records and birth certificate.


Acceptance letters or phone calls will notify parents of their student’s acceptance. In some cases, parents will be asked to have a conference with the grade level principal. In these cases, acceptance will not be granted until the school, the student, and the family have met and agreed upon any and all conditions of enrollment which may be dictated by the results of the discipline records and interview.


NOTE: Registration is not complete until all fees are paid and the pledge of cooperation is signed.


All new students must participate in the screening program as established by the administration to determine their eligibility. If records are sent over from another accredited school or a public school the student will be enrolled based on the records. If a child needs to be screened for any reason the administration will administer all testing.


Students can be denied enrollment based upon any one of several factors. These include but are not limited to:


Having been expelled from their previous school(s) or having withdrawn to avoid such action.


Discipline involving aggressive behavior, drug-related offenses, weapons violations, immorality or significant absenteeism.


Enrolling under false pretense.


Providing false information.


Withholding significant information


Download and print the Admission Packet by clicking the "ENROLL" button below. Then complete the necessary forms and return them to TCA.


Trinity Christian Academy

119 Myrtle Ave.

Hollister, MO 65672


Forms Included in the Admission Packet:

- Enrollment Form

- Student Information Sheet

- Emergency Contact

- Medical Forms





Trouble downloading? Right click the link below and choose save as or call us at (417) 334-7084.